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      When the pandemic hits, June, a Nigerian solar company CEO who thrives on face-to-face contact struggles to work with her dysfunctional pan-African team via Zoom call in order to save the company from bankruptcy.

      Virtual Colleagues is your new workplace comedy or should we say, your new Zoom Call Comedy.


      The first Pan-African comedy web series on Zoom.

      #webseries #zoomcomedy

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    • 00:02:20
      Let Me See That Tissue Roll
      71 Views . 28 Jul 2021

      In 2020 toilet paper was missing on every shelf.  It's 2021 and Johnny Mae Berry wants to still see that Tissue Roll.

    • 00:03:50
      Vaccination or Not?
      61 Views . 28 Jul 2021

      John Mae on the fence about the vaccination and will take it once they figure everything out because she wants everybody to be safe.


    • 00:02:14
      Gimme My Stimulus Check
      90 Views . 28 Jul 2021

      Johnny Mae is upset because she hasn't gotten her stimulus check.


    • 00:05:05
      When Johnny Mae Don't Make Comments
      42 Views . 02 Aug 2021

      (249) When Johnny Mae Don’t Comment on Facebook - YouTube

      Stop getting upset when people don't make comments.

    • 00:02:01
      When Workout Recordings Go Wrong
      37 Views . 02 Aug 2021

      When Workout Recordings Go Wrong - YouTube


      Johnny Mae is trying to work out but she's learning how to instruct. Get BerryFit with Johnny Mae!

    • 00:04:43
      You Better Put Yo Trust In God
      65 Views . 02 Aug 2021

      Johnny Mae got a wisdom tip and she learned her lesson and want somebody else to learn too!

    • 00:06:28
      Don't Be To Hard on Kirk
      79 Views . 02 Aug 2021

      We all have children that can take us there. Don't be too hard on Kirk yall.

    • 00:01:53
      Where Are The Chicken Wings?
      48 Views . 27 Jul 2021

      Johnny Mae can't find no chicken wings



    • 00:15:08

      The HIT webseries, Virtual Colleagues, is back with episode 2. June, a Nigerian CEO of a solar company, fights to save her company during the pandemic. In this episode, she brainstorms ideas from her team, and all she gets are unexpected and quirky solutions. Laughs guaranteed.

      And it’s all on Zoom.

      Virtual Colleagues is your new HIT African workplace comedy. But this show goes further than making you laugh. It also raises awareness around renewable energy and solar solutions. When you think renewables, do you just think about a bunch of old guys mumbling? Well, not anymore with Virtual Colleagues. The transition to sustainable and renewable energy needs a funny revamp. That’s why we’re here to deliver to you the best renewable energy comedy. So sit back, relax, enjoy, laugh and let’s talk renewables after.


      The first Pan-African comedy web series on Zoom.


      In association with Renewables in Africa 


      #virtualcolleagues #webseries #africancomedy #renewableenergy #solar


    • 00:02:10
      When Telemarketers Call
      93 Views . 30 Jul 2021

      Johnny Mae explains what to do when those harrasing telemarketers call.

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