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    • 00:00:49
      559 Views . 16 Aug 2021

      Dating back to World War II, the Marine Corps Raiders has made a name for themselves. In our animation, we will take you on a journey with the special operations group in the Marines known as MARSOC. 

      This video will show the profile of our main characters. This will help you follow along with the up coming short animation film, our team will be providing for your entertainment. These events are taken place in the future of our military.

      In these animations, we are NOT reenacting actually event. These are stores that are made to entertain and to show love to those who has served and continue to serve. 

      Email: wpstudiosllc@outlook.com

      IG: wp_studios.llc

    • 00:11:30
      332 Views . 14 Aug 2021

      After Masami was left as a baby with Sensei Daiki. Masami is on a mission to reunite with her father in the U.S.A. Can her training help her survive the street of New York.

      A La'Mard J. Wingster Film

      IG: @wp_studios.llc


    • 00:16:54
      582 Views . 18 Aug 2021

      With Changes within the agency, these two agents only can trust each other to get the job done. With hard training and their military back ground, will this be enough to keep them alive?


      IG: @wp_studios.llc


    • 00:11:41
      CITY|DREAMS (A Short Film)
      263 Views . 07 Aug 2021

      A story of a boy, who goes to school by day and lives in the urban parts of El Barrio by night. The only things that keep him focused is his dreams and his best friend, Sean. But one day, things take a turn for the worse...and he must decide whether to continue with his dreams or drown in the struggles of the city.


      [CITY DREAMS] Directed by Joseph Key.


      With the help from The New York Film Academy and many friends(old and new).


      MUSIC: Umi Say's By Mos Def

      Garden Of Peace By Lonnie Liston Smith

      Kendrick Lamar's Interlude By Ab-Soul


      Dedicated to: My parents, sister, cousins, aunts and uncles(The heart and inspiration to write and film), my friends(Those still with me and those who i have lost contact with...Even today...I still remember everything.) and to the constant inspiration for the arts... Edwin Lee Gibson (I know you'd be proud.)

    • 00:00:51
      Abri's Story Trailer
      581 Views . 24 Aug 2021

      A trailer to a love story told through music. 

    • 00:02:50
      A New York Story
      139 Views . 02 Aug 2021

      Just A Simple New York Story Of One Person Finding His Way Through The Big City Music: Outro by Drake I don't own the rights to this song.

    • 00:02:04
      126 Views . 01 Aug 2021

      Just Some Nice Vibes To Start The Summer Off RIGHT. I Hope You Like My [DITL]

      Music: Objects In The Mirror by Mac Miller. (I don't own the rights to this song)

    • 00:00:50
      Video Test 2
      159 Views . 09 Aug 2021

      Just a small video to Advertise KEY|Productions and the channel. And to show the creativity that is expressed on this channel and through Key|Productions. Music: 4th Quarter by Big Sean

    • 00:01:03
      Video Test
      172 Views . 06 Aug 2021

      Just a little something I worked on. A teaser if you will.

      Something to add and show what this channel represents.

      Song: Can I Live by Jay-Z ( I don't own the rights to this song)

    • 00:05:03

      "What is a Model Citizen? A Model Citizen is a providing father. A Model Citizen is a caring mother, all in service of a scrappy, young boy or girl. A Model Child raised by a Model Family, to become a Model Citizen of their own!" This brand-spanking-new installment of the Autodale series follows the lives of the Robinson family; Autodale's perfect citizens. I've wanted to make an animated short film based around the life-cycle of an Autodale citizen/family for a very long time. We've only ever seen Autodale through the eyes of children. All of the other short films in the series focus on skeptical children being successfully brainwashed/indoctrinated into complacency with Autodale's dystopian ways. This short film doesn't have that arc. This short film is about the parents. These characters have NO DOUBTS about how this system works anymore... SONG: Tchaikovsky - "Waltz of the Flowers GUEST VOICE ACTOR: Mrs. Robinson - "Kirie Quackenbush"

    • 00:06:09
      1.2K Views . 16 Dec 2020

      R’Ha, directed by Kaleb Lechowski, is a fight for survival in a solar system where no one can be trusted. A civil war started by subversives they could have never seen coming. A group of fighters, relentless in their quest to protect their planets will do everything in their power to emerge the victorious underdog against an enemy that appears to always be two steps ahead. This short leaves you on edge as the future of the guardians of space grows dim in the afterburner of the spacecraft that may lead their enemy right to them. The subtle ending shows a scene so seemingly benign it’ll hit you even harder when you realize the implications of it.

    • 00:13:56
      1.1K Views . 16 Dec 2020

      After the end of the world, Merv's life in the lonely wastes is comfortably boring until an unexpected signal heralds the coming of a stranger. 

      Directed by Matt Inns
      Written by Steven Woller and Matt Inns
      Director of Photography, Ash McKenzie
      Produced by Steven Woller and Matt Inns
      Co-producer, Melissa Dodds

      Starring Steven Woller and Maggie Watts

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      Wingster & Philibert Studios LLC is black owner movie/film production company creating content to entertain, edify and encourage our audience. We create movies, short film, 3D animation, documentaries, PSA, commercials and product shoots. 

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      AFilmByLau focuses on short content created by Lauren McG, a filmmaker and video producer based in South Florida.

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      Linus is a singer, songwriter, actor, musician, entertainer and content creator. Born in  the buggy down Bronx but raised in Brooklyn New York City. He is currently a resident of Baltimore Maryland, with a EP on all digital platforms called Linus Reborn. Adding to his resume of short films, web series, commercials and content created by him self and his significant other on The Love seat Studios. He is looking forward to working and networking with other singers, songwriters, actors, directors, film makers and content creators.

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      Key Productions by Li'Li' Joe Key and The Family is a film company that loves to seek and create from where there is culture. We create art from short films, to full lengths films, to podcasts, to music videos, and vlogs. We try to reach all corners of media while still maintiaing our organic growth. But if theres one thing we are proud of the most, is that anything we create comes from our heart, our passion, and the people that shapes us into who we are.  Welcome to our little piece of culture, welcome to our channel and we are Key Productions by Li'Li' Joe Key and The Family.