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    • 00:03:34
      "Lovin This Home" by Corder
      51 Views . 27 Jul 2021

      This is the music video for my song, "Lovin This Home," shot in Kenya.

    • 00:04:24
      Chris Brown Cover Back To Love
      61 Views . 29 Jul 2021

      Back To Love cover song

    • 00:03:43
      For My Homies
      55 Views . 29 Jul 2021

      The official music video for my latest single “For My Homies”!⁣ This was such an intense video to create! From producing, animating, editing, and some filming (myself), I was able to create my very first music video! ⁣This song means so much to me! I wrote this song for all my homies all across the land! Something to vibe high to! SMOKERS ANTHEM!!!

    • 00:00:04
      A Generation RE-deemed
      44 Views . 27 Jul 2021

      A song and video from a minute ago.  Check out the new (black)  "Wonder Years"... 09/22/2021.

    • 00:02:51
      Earth Is Ghetto
      38 Views . 27 Jul 2021

      Earth is Ghetto by artist Nikki Aliah.

    • 00:02:50

      Ody Trendsetta: Fade

      SHOT BY: Mula Films

      insta: @Odytrendsetta

      Email: Odytrendsetta@gmail.com

      FB: https://www.facebook.com/odytrendsetta

      Twitter: https://twitter.com/odytrendsetta


      Subscribe to Ody Trendsetta on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyF3

      ... Category- Music License- Standard YouTube License

    • 00:01:59
      eBonics Trailer
      72 Views . 08 Aug 2021

      Visuals for Harlem Rapper, Bayo's Mixtape titled [eBonics].

    • 00:00:00

      The Good Life Radio x Sensual Musique

      418K subscribers


      The Good Life is live streaming the best of Relaxing & Chill House Music, Deep House, Tropical House, EDM, Dance & Pop as well as Music for Sleep, Focus, Study, Workout, Gym, Running etc. in a 24/7 summer feel good chillout mix.

    • 00:08:36
      120 Views . 08 Dec 2020

      Music to NUBLOOZ - THE MUSICAL.

    • 00:06:30
      Devil Inside
      70 Views . 06 Aug 2021

      Devil Inside Music Video

      Music: Devil Inside by MIGGZ

      For more Subcribe to Key Productions by Li'Li' Joe Key and The Family

      Also Follow on Instagram: @Therealkeyproductions


    • PAY - $99
      0 Views . 22 Dec 2020

      Everlasting · Zanzibaa Everlasting ℗ 2011 Dimi Sloane, Dimi Sesson II, Michael Whitfield Released on: 2011-07-25

    • PAY - $0.1
      More Than Water
      20 Views . 08 Dec 2020

      More Than Water · Dimi Sloane Greatest Hits ℗ 2007 Dimi Sloane Released on: 2007-01-01

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      Zanzibaa Movies
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      Content from Kenya
      2 Subscribers . 06 Aug 2021

      Welcome! Here you'll find a smattering of content from the years I spent living in Kenya, including a music video and clips and episodes from my shows, "Stay" and "Coffee With Milk."

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      The Wonder Yearz
      1 Subscribers . 06 Aug 2021


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      Ludi Tunes
      0 Subscribers . 06 Aug 2021

      Ludi Tunes is an episodic semi-animated comedy that will give the audience a look behind Ludmilla Muse’s real-life issues in an animated, comedic way. Watch artist and kickboxing instructor, Ludmilla, as she tunes into her higher senses while journeying through life with her two goddesses on her shoulders, giving her insight along the way. Ludi Tunes will also showcase other creatives in interviews and performances.

      Hosted and produced by Ludmilla Muse

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      Linus the passionate singing sensation
      2 Subscribers . 06 Aug 2021

      Linus is a singer, songwriter, actor, musician, entertainer and content creator. Born in  the buggy down Bronx but raised in Brooklyn New York City. He is currently a resident of Baltimore Maryland, with a EP on all digital platforms called Linus Reborn. Adding to his resume of short films, web series, commercials and content created by him self and his significant other on The Love seat Studios. He is looking forward to working and networking with other singers, songwriters, actors, directors, film makers and content creators.

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      Key Productions by Li'Li' Joe Key and The Family is a film company that loves to seek and create from where there is culture. We create art from short films, to full lengths films, to podcasts, to music videos, and vlogs. We try to reach all corners of media while still maintiaing our organic growth. But if theres one thing we are proud of the most, is that anything we create comes from our heart, our passion, and the people that shapes us into who we are.  Welcome to our little piece of culture, welcome to our channel and we are Key Productions by Li'Li' Joe Key and The Family. 

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      Welcome to Channel Trendsetta
      1 Subscribers . 06 Sep 2021

      I'm a rap artist making my way to the top. I writer and engineer my own music.

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