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    Uncle Bobby Speaks 575 Views 16 Sep 2021
    FloJo's Nephew Travels to Korea 139 Views 27 Jul 2021
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      Uncle Bobby Speaks
      575 Views . 16 Sep 2021

      Flo Jo's brother, Bobby Gerald Scott, reminisces about his famous sister. 

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      FloJo's Nephew Travels to Korea
      139 Views . 27 Jul 2021

      2014 Video Contest Application "To me, Korea is..." African Americans and Korean Americans share similar tragic histories. African Americans were oppressed and subjugated by Whites. Koreans were invaded by the Mongols, the Chinese, as well as occupied by the brutal Japanese Imperial army. These similar tragic histories should have endeared the two groups especially in difficult times. Instead these two groups found themselves at odds at one of the most difficult moments in the history of the city of Los Angeles. In March 1991, white police officers brutally beat a black man. Just two weeks later a Fifteen year old black girl was shot and killed by a Korean store owner. These stories fueled tension and divided Angelenos. Whites. Blacks. Koreans. One year later, on April 29th, 1992, the tension led to violence that quickly overwhelmed the city. The City of Angels went up in flames. African Americans violently rebelled against racism and injustice. Koreans took up arms to protect their businesses, livelihoods, and American dreams. Koreans called that day sah-ee-gu. The LA Uprising forced Angelenos to examine each other's plight. This led to greater understanding between the groups. Today, LA looks very different. Despite tragic historic events, racism, and injustice, Africans Americans are resilient. Despite tragic historic events and their separation from their motherland, Koreans Americans are resilient. "I lived through the La Uprising. Although I watched as African Americans and Korean Americans fought for their brand of justice, I found it difficult to choose a side. Koreans were my classmates. Koreans were my teachers. When I think of Korea even today I think of the Korean people I know and love. I think of their strength and resilience. I believe that I am more like these people than not." *In Korean* " I am 36 years old, but I have known Korea for close to 22 years. Korean people are kind and the country is beautiful. I am not Korean, but I love Korea. I love Korean food, music, culture, and martial arts. To me, Korea is everything." CashApp: $LaCaLaw2

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