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    For My Homies 193 Views 29 Jul 2021
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      For My Homies
      193 Views . 29 Jul 2021

      The official music video for my latest single “For My Homies”!⁣ This was such an intense video to create! From producing, animating, editing, and some filming (myself), I was able to create my very first music video! ⁣This song means so much to me! I wrote this song for all my homies all across the land! Something to vibe high to! SMOKERS ANTHEM!!!

  • Ludi Tunes is an episodic semi-animated comedy that will give the audience a look behind Ludmilla Muse’s real-life issues in an animated, comedic way. Watch artist and kickboxing instructor, Ludmilla, as she tunes into her higher senses while journeying through life with her two goddesses on her shoulders, giving her insight along the way. Ludi Tunes will also showcase other creatives in interviews and performances.

    Hosted and produced by Ludmilla Muse

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