CITY|DREAMS (A Short Film)

246 Views - 07 Aug 2021

A story of a boy, who goes to school by day and lives in the urban parts of El Barrio by night. The only things that keep him focused is his dreams and his best friend, Sean. But one day, things take a turn for the worse...and he must decide whether to continue with his dreams or drown in the struggles of the city.


[CITY DREAMS] Directed by Joseph Key.


With the help from The New York Film Academy and many friends(old and new).


MUSIC: Umi Say's By Mos Def

Garden Of Peace By Lonnie Liston Smith

Kendrick Lamar's Interlude By Ab-Soul


Dedicated to: My parents, sister, cousins, aunts and uncles(The heart and inspiration to write and film), my friends(Those still with me and those who i have lost contact with...Even today...I still remember everything.) and to the constant inspiration for the arts... Edwin Lee Gibson (I know you'd be proud.)