Go Watch a Movie Episode 132 We Summon the Darkness

292 Views - 10 Aug 2021

Hello all and welcome, Episode:132 “We Summon the Darkness” The youtube show is up and running so go give it a look! We get into a bit of entertainment news this week. And dive into the new segment Lets discuss the showbiz, in which we try and get to the bottom of a entertainment question. We would love your input on the topic! We follow it up with trailers, Then we get into “We Summon the Darkness” The new site is live so you can find us at gowatchamoive.com, follow us on twitter @gowatchamoive, give us a like on Facebook facebook.com/gowatchamovie and you can find us anywhere a podcast is played.

00:43 entertainment news

6:07 Let's discuss the Showbiz

10:16 Trailers

16:13 Swallow

36:54 where you can find us