Virtual meeting comedy - Virtual Colleagues Episode 3

310 Views - 11 Aug 2021

The HIT webseries, Virtual Colleagues, is back with episode 3. Achere warns June that Skylar Inc, one of their US clients, hasn’t paid for several months. June decides to confront the heiress of Skylar Inc, Paris, (Hilton?). She gets an unexpected and quirky exchange. Laughs guaranteed.

And it’s all on Zoom.

Virtual Colleagues is your new HIT African workplace comedy. But this show goes further than making you laugh. It also raises awareness around renewable energy and solar solutions. When you think renewables, do you just think about a bunch of old guys mumbling? Well, not anymore with Virtual Colleagues. The transition to sustainable and renewable energy needs a funny revamp. That’s why we’re here to deliver to you the best renewable energy comedy. So sit back, relax, enjoy, laugh and let’s talk renewables after.


The first Pan-African comedy web series on Zoom.


In association with Renewables in Africa


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